Measles continues to spread in Banke

NL Today

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Banke: The spread of measles continues in Banke, with a confirmed 399 children infected with the viral respiratory disease. 

Nepalgunj is the hardest hit with one fatality and a total of 213 confirmed cases, according to Naresh Shrestha, a vaccine resource person at the District Public Health Office. 

In addition, 41 people have been diagnosed with the disease in Narainapur, 21 in Khajura Rural Municipality, 18 in Duduwa, nine in Kohalpur, and seven in Rapti Sonari. 

Of these infected individuals, 10 are undergoing treatment, while seven children from Rapti Sonari and two from Kohalpur are in home isolation. 

Despite the rising number of cases, the recovery rate is also increasing, with 298 people having recovered in the district, according to the health office. 

Although the infection rate in Nepalgunj is comparatively lower, it is spreading to the rural areas of the district, warns Ram Bahadur Chand, Head of Health Division of Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City. Vaccination efforts are being carried out in various parts of the district in an effort to prevent the further spread of the disease.