Three billion rupees allocated for elections to be returned to the state coffers

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Kathmandu: The Election Commission (EC) has said that of the total amount allocated for holding elections to the members of the House of Representatives and Province Assembly, around three billion rupees would be sent back to the state coffers.

The Election Commission said this on Friday during a press briefing in regard with the review of the November 20 elections. Chief Election Commissioner Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya said the Commission was much aware of the budget austerity and transparency during the election expenditures and so far it cost Rs 6.54 billion.

It had received the budget of Rs 8.49 billion out of the allocations of Rs 10 billion. Similarly, some budget will be used in the elections of the President, Vice-President and the National Assembly member by-elections and the remaining amount will be returned to the state coffers.

On the occasion Thapaliya pledged legal amendments for providing temporary voting cards to government and private sector employees to ensure their voting rights in the proportional electoral system from the centers accessible to them in the next periodic elections.

Thapaliya also assured that the EC would assess the nature of invalid votes and the causes behind it and make voter education more effective in the days to come. He said if the date of elections of all levels or the term of people’s representatives are clearly specified in the law, there would be no question while announcing the election dates. The Chief Election Commissioner further said that the poll body is not legally allowed to disqualify any election candidate when the candidate self- announces that he/she holds all the documents demanded by the law towards that end.