In nine years, Nepal Telecom has over 52 percent market coverage with over 21.3 million customers

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Kathmandu: The Nepal Telecommunications Company Limited, known as Nepal Telecom–the state-owned telecommunications service providers in Nepal–has turned 19 on Sunday.

Telecom Spokesperson Shovan Adhikari shared that the Company has been delivering mobile telephone, GSM, GPRS, 3G and 4G services to its customers. Also, it has been providing dedicated line and mobile telephone service, broadband and dedicated line internet service and internet SMS services.

Meanwhile, Minister for Communications and Information Technology Rekha Sharma, in her message delivered on the occasion, has urged the NTC to expand the reach of telecommunications service to the rural and remote areas.

In the message, she noted that the NTC has been in the campaign to support the government’s policy for skill and knowledge intensive educational development through the access and use of internet-based innovative information technology and thereby alleviating poverty. 

Minister Sharma expressed her confidence that the NTC would further devote its efforts to create opportunities for the service recipients to get reliable and quality service in a more competitive environment by cashing in on the innovative technology and achievements of the IT sector. 

Likewise, Secretary at Communications Ministry Baikuntha Aryal extended best wishes to the NTC for its capability to deliver further quality, reliable and accessible service to the customers. 

Managing Director of the NTC Sunil Poudel expressed his commitment to put all-out efforts to make the Company a first choice of customers by best utilizing the existing high-tech infrastructures, network and resources, including human capital. 

The NTC, as informed, has a total revenue of over Rs 44.37 billion and a net profit of Rs 8. 47 billion in the fiscal year 2078/79 BS. It has over 21.32 million customers towards voice service as of mid-December 2022. It includes 20,168,000 clients towards GSM mobile service, 437,000 towards ADSL service and 455,000 towards PSTN service. 

Likewise, the number of its clients for FTTH service has reached 247,114 while it has 211,579 clients for FTTH data. The number of 4G users has reached 11,550,000. The Telecom has initiated a 5G test in 2023. 

According to the MIS Report of the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) from mid-September to mid-October, 2022, the NTC has a total of 52.24 percent market coverage towards voice service. 

The NTC sources shared that its 4G FTE service has reached 739 local level units across all of 77 districts.