Court sends Manoj Pandey to jail for seven years

Pandey, a beauty pageant organizer, is convicted of raping a minor some eight years ago.

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Kathmandu: Manoj Pandey, a beauty pageant organizer, has been sent to jail for seven years on the charge of human trafficking. Earlier, the Kathmandu District Court convicted Pandey of child sexual abuse and human trafficking, but it had not determined the jail term.

The Court has also ordered Pandey to pay Rs 75,000 in compensation to the victim, according to Deepak Dahal, information officer at the Kathmandu District Court.

On June 15 last year, the Kathmandu District Attorney’s Office filed two separate cases against Pandey, demanding a jail term of 18 years for human trafficking and child sexual abuse.

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Pandey was arrested on the charge of raping a girl some eight years ago. He was arrested after a young woman shared her story on social media about how she was assaulted and abused by Pandey in 2014. 

In her posts, the victim also said she was abused by Pandey for six months during which he invited one of his friends as well and they allegedly abused her sexually.