Pokhara International Airport launches night flights

A view of nearly completed Pokhara Regional International Airport/Photo: RSS

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Pokhara Regional International Airport, the third largest international airport of Nepal, has launched night flights from Thursday.

According to Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) Spokesperson Jagannath Niraula, night flights have started to and from the Pokhara airport from Thursday. “Until Thursday, planes operated to and from the airport from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm.”

“The operation of night flights has become possible after the implementation of IFR system. The airport will remain open for 18 hours a day from 6:00 am till midnight.”

The airport has been in operation since January 1, 2023. The flight operation system was assisted by the Visual Flight Rules and in this system, weather conditions matter for operating flights. But the airport has switched to IFR system under which an aircraft is operated under instrument meteorological conditions (IMC), making night flights possible.