One year of Russia-Ukraine war: Western missions in Kathmandu stand in unison to condemn the Russian invasion

The joint statement by embassies of Australia, the US, the UK, the EU, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Norway, and Honorary Consul of Ukraine says Ukraine will win the war.

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Kathmandu: Missions and representatives of the Western countries—the EU, the US, Australia, the UK among others and Japan and Korea—condemned the Russian invasion on Ukraine in Kathmandu on Friday. Marking the first anniversary of the Russian invasion, the ambassadors of these countries reiterated their support for Ukraine.  Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine on February 24 last year.  One year later, the war continues at the cost of deaths of thousands of Ukrainian people.

Releasing a joint statement on Friday, the Western missions in Kathmandu reiterated their support for Ukraine. “Today and into the future, we stand with Ukraine, its independence, peace and freedom,” said the statement jointly issued by Embassy of Australia, British Embassy, Delegation of the European Union to Nepal, Embassy of Finland, Embassy of France, Embassy of Germany, Embassy of Japan, Embassy of South Korea, Embassy of Norway, Embassy of the US, and Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Nepal.

“One year ago, Vladimir Putin unleashed an unjustifiable war against Ukraine’s land, people and sovereignty. Since then more than 8000 civilians have died and 14 million have been displaced from their homes,” the statement further said. “Russia’s assault on a free nation has destroyed schools and healthcare facilities in what has become the largest land war since World War II.”

Embassies of these countries in Kathmandu have praised the people of Ukraine for bravely fighting back. “For twelve months, the people of Ukraine have courageously protected their freedom and the global community has unified behind them. After staving off Russia’s attempt to destroy their country, the Ukrainian people are prouder and braver than ever,” they said.

“We have no doubt, Ukraine will be victorious.”

Nepal has sided with Ukraine in the ongoing war. On February 24 last year, the day Russia started the invasion, the government of Nepal issued a statement calling on “all parties concerned to exercise maximum restraint not to escalate tension” reiterating its position as the member of the United Nations that “the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity as enshrined in the UN Charter are sacrosanct and must be fully respected by all member states.” Nepal opposed “use of force against a sovereign country” and called for “peaceful resolution of disputes through diplomacy and dialogue.”

Nepal voted in favor of a UN resolution to denounce the Russian invasion of Ukraine last year. Nepal reiteration this position this year again. On Thursday, Nepal voted in favor of the United Nations (UN) non-binding resolution that condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The resolution called for Russia to end its hostilities and withdraw its forces from Ukraine.

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