Nepal Children’s Organization’s land scam: Will parliament be able to conduct a meaningful deliberation on the issue?

Nepal Children’s Organization had acquired the land with the aim of providing child friendly shelters and spaces. Now the land is being used by a business group with support from office bearers appointed by powerful politicians.

Lawmakers attend Parliament’s meeting. (File photo/RSS)

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Kathmandu: Collusion between politicians and business leaders have created a risk that above 7 acres of land meant to provide shelter for the most vulnerable children will be captured by some business leaders. 

The land of Nepal’s Children’s Organization has been encroached on but only one lawmaker raised this issue in parliament

Around 57 ropanis [above 7 acres] of land belonging to Nepal Children’s Organization, probably the only shelter funded by the state in Nepal to take care of the poor, orphan and homeless children, have been either occupied, encroached on, leased or taken away by various individuals in collusion with politicians in power and or the people who served as the members of board of Bal Mandir, according to a series of reports by

Established under the National Guidance Act (2018 BS) in 1964, Nepal Children’s Organization, popularly known as BalMandir–the children’s temple–is an autonomous, non–profit-making, social and self-governing organization working for the best interest of Nepali children by promoting their rights and providing residential care to the children at threat. 

Royal palace used to be the custodian of the organization, the main purpose of which was to protect the child rights and work for the welfare of the children. has exposed the sorry state of the organization following mismanagement and various interest groups eying its resources for their personal gains.

At a time when none of the MPs from Nepali Congress, CPN-UML, Maoist Center raised this issue, Sumana Shreshta, the lawmaker from Rastriya Swatantra Party, drew the attention of the House during the meeting on Wednesday.

Here is what she said in the parliament session on Wednesday:

In 2018 BS, private land was acquired by the government and given to the Nepal Children’s Organization for the care of children.  Now who is using a total of 57 ropanis of land, 28 ropanis of land under the sole ownership of Nepal Children’s Organization and 29 ropanis of land under the joint ownership of Nepal Lalitkala? In whose interests is this land being used? Are these lands being used for the children or for those individuals and business elites who have taken it on rent on peanuts?

How long can we ignore the fact that one’s near and dear ones are roped into the board committee and the members of the board work for the interests of the selected few people? Though the High-level Investigation Commission on Children’s Organization has recommended bringing those involved in wrongdoings to the book, the government has not even made the report public yet. When will it do so? There are reports of misuse of the land belonging to Bansbari Leather and Shoe Factory. The government should care about protecting the land of the public institution. I want to draw the attention of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority, Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens, Home Ministry to this issue through the Speaker.