4th Himalayan Travel Mart to be held in June 2023 in Kathmandu

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Kathmandu: The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Nepal Chapter, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture Tourism Civil Aviation (MoCTCA), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Nepal Airlines, PATA International, and other leading tourism-related organizations, is set to organize the 4th Himalayan Travel Mart in Kathmandu, Nepal from June 6 to 9.

The first three editions of HTM, held in 2017, 2018, and 2019, featured a significant presence of global tourism stakeholders positioning Nepal as the Gateway to the Himalayas. Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, this could not continue in subsequent years.

Bibhuti Chand Thakur, the Chairman of PATA Nepal Chapter, has extended a cordial invitation to national and international delegates to join the Himalayan Travel Mart 2023. He emphasized the significance of the event in revitalizing tourism businesses, boosting travel spirit, and supporting Nepal’s post-pandemic tourism recovery initiatives.

He added, “The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the travel and tourism industry, and Nepal has been no exception in bearing massive losses. However, with the much-awaited re-opening of world tourism, we are confident that HTM will represent a significant opportunity to support the post-pandemic tourism recovery initiatives of Nepal and the entire Himalayan region at large.”

Sudan Kirati, the Minister for Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, has extended a welcome message to delegates from around the world, inviting them to join the HTM 2023, experience lifetime experiences and support the post-pandemic tourism recovery initiatives of Nepal. 

He expressed, “We are striding towards rebuilding the tourism sector which has been greatly disrupted and has compelled us to embrace changes brought forth by the pandemic and other crisis as in the recent and not-too-distant past. By sharing our inspiring stories of resilience, and ensuring our best efforts on safety concerns as well as strengthening the tourism offerings with lifetime experiences to win the confidence, trust and loyalty of our guests, we are now gearing up to Rebuilding the Future of Tourism.”