Nepal’s Maoist does not want Supreme Court to decide the fate of war-time crimes

Maoist want the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to conclude the pending cases of war-time crimes. The commission, according to observers, has been highly politicized and cannot go against any powerful leaders.

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Kathmandu: On Sunday, Nepal’s radical communist force CPN (Maoist Center) issued a statement warning Nepal’s judiciary not to initiate any action against its supreme commander. 

The statement came in the wake of the Supreme Court’s order to register writ petition against Maoist chair and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal. 

In the statement signed by party Secretary Dev Prasad Gurung, the party has strongly objected to the Supreme Court order and dubbed the move against the process of ‘judicial review’.

Without mentioning the name of the Supreme Court, the statement has stated: “We want to draw the attention of concerned agencies that the attempt [to file writ petition] goes against the established norms of freedom of expression. 

He has also demanded political parties and forces in favour of progression to get united when as he said regressive forces were seeking opportunities to get their interests met. 

The CPN (Maoist Centre) has said the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has been assessing the incidents dating back to the decade long People’s War and urged judiciary not to take any move stepping onto its jurisdictions. 

 “The Supreme Court’s March 3 order to register the writ petition submitted to the Court against party Chair Dahal has drawn the serious attention of the party,” the statement reads. 

It is said earlier the SC registrar refused to accept the writ, but the March 3 order to register the petition dismissing the SC’s administration’s earlier decision not to entertain it. 

 The party disapproves of any activities against the Nepal’s constitution and federalism, secularism, inclusion, proportional representation and basic structures of democracy, republic and other progressive achievements, said the statement. 

“The remark by Chair Dahal at a certain programme by exercising his right to freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution is misinterpreted with ill-intentions and the registration of the writ against the same statement was driven by prejudice,” the statement adds. 

Stating that any activities against the norms and values of transitional justice would pose severe challenges to the entire peace process, the party has urged one and all to get united for achieving economic prosperity and further political accomplishments.