Seven-Year-Old California girl publishes ‘The Cat Princess’ in memory of her late mother

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Arianna Thapaliya, a seven-year-old girl from Fisler elementary school Fullerton Orange County, California, USA, has written a book called ‘The Cat Princess’ in loving memory of her mother who passed away due to cancer more than a year ago. 

The story is about a princess named May, who is transformed into a cat by her uncle Lucifer just before her coronation as he strives to become King of the Kingdom of Aurora. May then sets off on a quest to find a way of transforming back to a human, restoring her power, and becoming Queen of Aurora.

‘The Cat Princess’ incorporates elements of Nepal, such as the mountainous range, into the Kingdom of Aurora. It also features a recurring motif of the color purple, which may symbolize royalty and link back to Lucifer’s favorite flower, lavender. The name given to the villain, Lucifer, ties to Satan, who is seen as a force of evil.

Swasti, who recently read the book, found it to be a wonderful read. She particularly enjoyed the fun facts that helped to paint the scenery and provide context, allowing the reader to visualize and connect with the story. Swasti also found the idea of wind power and solar power being used in Nina’s lab to be ingenious, with the association of eco-friendliness. Furthermore, she was impressed by the originality and creativity with ‘cloud power’ used in Nina’s lab as a form of renewable energy and how the time machines used by the characters could be transformed into compact objects such as a ring or a necklace.

Arianna’s father, Rajesh Thapaliya, praised his daughter’s writing skills, stating that she executed the story brilliantly. He is confident that readers of all ages will love ‘The Cat Princess.’