Protests staged in Biratnagar against the naming of Koshi Province

To take the situation under control, police fired in the air and used tear gas shells.

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Kathmandu: A group of protesters on Sunday staged a demonstration in Biratnagar to express their dissatisfaction against the endorsement of the province’s new name as Koshi Province.¬†

The protesters marched towards the Office of the Chief Minister from Mahendra Chowk, where they protested against the decision made by the provincial assembly. 

In response to the protests, the police took action to control the situation by firing in the air and using tear gas shells. 

The police intervention was necessary to maintain law and order and prevent any violent incidents, said police. 

Last month, the provincial assembly endorsed the name Koshi Province with a two-thirds majority. Since then, the joint struggle committee had been advocating for a different name and staging protest against the endorsement.