Clash erupts between protesters and police in Biratnagar, 12 injured

NL Today

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Kathmandu: A clash between security personnel and protesters occurred in Biratnagar, resulting in at least 12 injured protesters on Tuesday. 

The demonstrators were protesting against the naming of Koshi Province, and police responded by firing tear gas shells and charging with batons. In retaliation, the protesters threw stones at the police.

During the protest, the demonstrators also chanted slogans against the province assembly members who voted in favour of naming the province as Koshi. The Province 1 Renaming Joint Struggle Committee, made up of several groups in the province, has been formed to jointly protest the province’s name.

Earlier, a man injured in a previous clash died while receiving treatment on Friday. 

In response, the government has formed a six-member committee, headed by Joint Secretary of the Home Ministry Ram Bandhu Subedi, to investigate the protester’s death.