Nepal welcomes 100,000 tourists in March

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NL Today

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Kathmandu: A total of 100,000 tourists visited Nepal in the month of March. 

According to the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), 99,426 visitors entered Nepal in March, and of them, 33,454 were from the SAARC nations, 15,643 from other Asian nations, 23,265 Europe and 3,958 arrived from the countries of the Oceania region. 

Similarly, Nepal welcomed 1,707 visitors from Canada, 9,557 from the United States of America and 10,375 from the Middle-East. The highest number of tourists had arrived from India and they make-up 25,911 and this figure was 15,013 in the corresponding period in 2022. 

Similarly, the tourist arrivals from the US in March were almost double in the corresponding period last year.  In 2022, 4,896 tourists from the US had visited.   The high tourist flows were from India, the US, the UK, Germany and Sri Lanka.  The data shows that Nepal’s tourism industry is on the path of recovery following Covid-19 pandemic.