Three Sherpa missing after falling into crevasse on Mount Everest

The Sherpas fell 50 meters into a crevasse. The rescue operation has not been successful so far.

Photo: Unsplash

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Kathmandu: Three Sherpa climbers have gone missing after falling 50 meters into a crevasse while transporting expedition logistics from the base camp to Camp I on Mount Everest, according to Yubraj Khatiwada, director at the Department of Tourism. 

The missing Sherpas have been identified as Da Chhiree Sherpa, Lakpa Tendi Sherpa, and Lakpa Rita Sherpa. Efforts to rescue the Sherpas have been made by Simrik Air Helicopter, the Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee team, and Imagine Nepal, the organization from which the Sherpas were expediting. However, none of the attempts have been successful so far. 

The Sherpas fell 50 meters into a crevasse.