Buddha Jayayanti: Lord Buddha’s teachings and message of peace highlighted

Political leaders and experts have called for following the teachings of Lord Buddha and spreading the message of peace across the world.

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Kathmandu: Politicians and experts have laid stress on peace and unity, the core values of Buddhism, on the occasion of 2,567th Buddha Jayanti, which is being celebrated across the country today.

Peace rally was organized in the morning in Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal addressed the program in Lumbini.

In Pokhara, Chief Minister of Gandaki Province Surendra Raj Pandey said that Gautam Buddha’s messages are imperative to strengthen national unity. Chief Minister Pandey said that Buddha’s messages and guidelines are guiding principles for us to maintain national unity while keeping tolerance and goodwill in the society amid linguistic, religious, social and cultural diversities.

He also called for spreading Buddha’s messages across the world.

Experts said that peace will prevail and prosperous society will be developed through the Buddha’s teachings. They stated that the teachings of Lord Buddha should be made universal since they are instrumental to maintain coordination and cooperation among all communities. Speaking at a program in Lumbini on Thursday organized by Lumbini Buddhist University on the occasion of 2567th Buddha Jayanti, they called for implementation of the Buddha’s messages.

Vice-Chairman of Lumbini Development Trust Metteyya Sakyaputta said that the messages of Lord Buddha would help ensure peace in the society through coordination among different classes. Likewise, Acting Vice-Chancellor of Lumbini Buddhist University and Registrar Dr Tilak Acharya said that promotion of Buddha’s messages are imperative for prosperity. He also said that the upcoming decade should focus on academic and creative campaigns and link it up to peace and stability. Similarly, Director of Research Centre Prof Dr Gitu Giri added that research and studies on Buddha’s philosophy and cultures would make Buddha a living figure.