Madan Rai, founder of Subhadra Madan Foundation, arrested on child sexual abuse charge 

On Thursday, Setopati, a Nepali language news portal, published a story exposing how Rai has been sexually harassing children who are in the shelter of the foundation run by himself

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Kathmandu: Madan Rai, the founder of Shubhadra Madan Foundation, has been arrested on charge of sexually harassing children residing in the foundation.

Rai, 75, has been arrested from the foundation which is located at the Janajagriti High School in Diktel in Khotang district, according to police.

On 11 May, Setopati, an online news portal in Nepali language, published a news report with a video showing Rai sexually abusing children who are under the shelter of the foundation. The incident of repeated sexual abuse of children at the foundation, which Rai runs, was brought to light.

The video of Rai sexually abusing children, touching their private parts, inciting them to engage in physical contact, and engaging in objectionable behavior in front of them while they were naked was exposed by Setopati on Thursday.

Rai established the foundation with the permission of the school nine years ago.