Present policies, programs and budget in a single document, Swarnim Wagle tells the government

He said the policies programs document is customary in nature giving continuity to the old tradition.

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Rastriya Swatantra Party’s lawmaker Dr Swarnim Wagle has advised the government to present the policies and programs and the budget as an integrated document.  Speaking during the deliberations on the government’s policies and programs for upcoming fiscal year 2023-24 in the House session on Tuesday, Dr Wagle urged the government to compile the policies and programs and the budget in a single document. He said the policies and programs document unveiled by the government is customary in nature. “It is largely a customary document that sustains tradition it has done exactly the same thing.” We could have much better in terms of innovation, inspiration and ambition.”

He said the for the last ten years and more, the similar kind of policies and programs are being formulated.  

On the occasion, Wagle, who is a famed economist, asked the government to come up with a realistic budget.

Dr Dhawal Shumsher JB Rana urged the government to address issues of landless squatters in a permanent way and provide farmers with chemical fertilizers on time while Janata Samajbadi Party’s Prakash Adhikari said the policies and programs failed to prioritize the pressing issues.