Kathmandu Administration urges public to refrain from smoking in public places 

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Kathmandu: The Kathmandu District Administration Office has urged the public to refrain from smoking and consuming tobacco products in public places. 

According to a notice issued by the administration, smoking and the consumption of tobacco products in public spaces are prohibited under the Tobacco Products (Control and Regulatory) Act, 2011. 

The notice highlights that smoking and the use of tobacco products are not allowed in public places such as parks, government offices, educational institutions, public transportation, airports, public toilets, cinemas, theaters, religious sites, waiting areas, etc., as per the legal provisions.

Also, the administration said that the sale and distribution of tobacco products within a radius of at least one hundred meters from public places, as mentioned in the government’s gazette notification, are strictly prohibited. This includes health institutions, children’s homes, infant nutrition centers, elderly care homes, orphanages, and other public places listed in the official announcement.

Likewise, the administration has also requested that pregnant women and individuals below eighteen years of age be discouraged from receiving or accessing tobacco products.