Resham Chaudhary, the convict of Tikapur carnage, walks free

Chaudhary, who was convicted by district court, high court and supreme court and given life sentence, was given pardon on Sunday by President Ram Chandra Paudel.

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Kathmandu: Resham Chaudhary, the convict of 2015 Tikapur carnage, who was serving life sentence in Dilli Bazar prison, has been released following the presidential pardon.

The government of Nepal on Sunday recommended to the office of the president to pardon Chaudhary, which president Ram Chandra Paudel swiftly approved paving the way for the politician convicted on charge of killings of police officials including a minor to walk out of the prison.

Chaudhary was convicted by three courts.  On March 6, 2019, the District Court, Kailali, issued a verdict of life imprisonment for Resham Chaudhary, the main accused of the Tikapur incident. On December 18, 2020, High Court, Dipayal also continued the verdict of life imprisonment for him.

On May 17, the apex court upheld the verdicts of the lower courts.

The government then started preparation to grant clemency to him.

Chaudhary was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in a violent incident that killed seven security personnel and a minor in the Tikapur Massacre in 2015. On August 24, 2015, seven police officers and a two years old child were killed by the violent mass of Tharuhat protestors. Thousands of protesters came into the streets breaking the prohibitory order with household weapons and the mass clashed with police. They killed police officers with spears and they burned one alive.