First sustainable development experimental village in Nepal

China Foundation for Rural Development launched the program in Kathmandu’s Tarakeshwor Municipality.

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Kathmandu: China Foundation for Rural Development (CFRD) launched “The First Sustainable Development Experimental Village in Nepal ” at Tarakeshwor Municipality of Kathmandu District. 

The initiative aims to serve as a model for integrated and sustainable development practices, utilizing experience in rural and community development in China, according to the foundation.

In 2022, CFRD had conducted a need assessment in the municipality to identify the  assistance required for the locals. Following the assessment, CFRD launched a number of development projects in the areas of drinking water, child nutrition, school feeding and education, agriculture, vocational training, among others. 

CFRD has invested approximately NPR 100 million to support integrated development efforts in the area. The project directly covers as many as 10,000 beneficiaries.

A ceremony was organized in Kathmandu to formally inaugurate the project. Representatives from the Chinese Embassy in Nepal, China Foundation for Rural Development, Tarakeshwor Municipality Office, including government officials, community leaders, representatives from various Nepali and Chinese news agencies and enterprises, and local community people witnessed the ceremony.

Delivering the welcome speech, Spokesperson of Tarakeshwor Municipality and Chairman of Ward no. 2, Radha Krishna Khadgi said, “China’s development modality is different and way ahead of us. The water project in Kavresthali by China Foundation for Rural Development will help the local community people who were deprived of clean drinking water.” “Likewise, in several community schools of Tarakeshwor Municipality, school children are supported with nutritious meals from ECD to Grade 6 which will develop the capacity of children.”

He thanked the China Foundation for their exemplary support. “They have also supported educational materials to our children of community school and vocational training in agriculture to community people of Tarakeshwor Municipality. This initiative will develop the community of the municipality and will also strengthen the relation between Nepal and China.”

Secretary General of China Foundation for Rural Development, Chen Hong Tao in his speech stated that CFRD started work in Nepal right after the earthquake and it is working to achieve SDGs. “In 2022, CFRD started working together with municipalities and identified the problem of clean drinking water, people living in poverty, and underemployment. Therefore, we implemented a water supply system construction project to facilitate pure drinking water supply and irrigation to community people,” he said. According to him, CFRD is working to support nutritious meals to more than 3500 community school children, running skill development training projects to promote agriculture production benefitting 80 community people and providing support to fulfill educational necessities to more than 4000 community school children. “Our organization has invested more than 100 million Nepalese Rupee to support integrated development in this area. We are committed to working together with the municipality. These projects will contribute to Nepal’s sustainable development.”

Former Chief Secretary of Government of Nepal and Former Ambassador of Nepal to China, Leela Mani Paudyal congratulated Tarakeshwor Municipality for receiving support from China Foundation for the experimental village for sustainable development in the region. “China is our friend in our good as well as bad times. May the program reach different villages of Nepal in need,” he said.

Former Defense Minister, Bhimsen Das Pradhan thanked China for the support. Ambassador of China to Nepal, Chen Song said the sustainable development experimental village in Nepal at Tarkeshwor Municipality has brought benefits to community people and has made contribution to development of China-Nepal Friendship. “China has always upheld the people-centered philosophy and efforts to eradicate poverty. Poverty is the common enemy of mankind and development is key to solve all the problems associated with poverty,” he said.

Here are some photos of launching event.