Measles breaks in Kathmandu, four cases confirmed

63 Cases of measles symptoms detected among 560 students and staff of Jovo Kadampa School

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Kathmandu: Measles has been confirmed in four children from Gokarneshwor Municipality-9 in Kathmandu, according to the National Public Health Laboratory. 

The infected individuals are all students of Jovo Kadhampa School. The Family Welfare Division reported that out of the 560 students and staff members, 63 individuals have exhibited symptoms of measles. 

The affected patients range in age from 8 to 38 years old. As a precautionary measure, nine patients have been admitted to the hospital, while seven have already been discharged after receiving appropriate medical care. 

Measles, a highly contagious viral disease, poses a significant health risk, especially in crowded environments such as educational institutions. 

The Ministry of Health and Population and concerned authorities are actively working to contain the outbreak and prevent further transmission within the community. 

Health officials urge individuals who have been in close contact with the infected patients and are experiencing any signs of measles, such as high fever, cough, runny nose, and a characteristic rash, to seek immediate medical attention.