US-based Bhutanese Diaspora community writes a collective letter to Nepal’s Home Minister

The Bhutanese Diaspora community has appealed to the government, the court and people of Nepal for justice to Tek Nath Rizal.

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Kathmandu:  The US-based Bhutanese Diaspora community has expressed serious concerns regarding the wellbeing of Tek Nath Rizal, a prominent Bhutanese human rights leader who has been named as an accused by the prosecution in the infamous ‘Fake Bhutanese Refugee Scandal’.

“The case is sub judice in a competent court in Nepal, and bearing the highest possible faith in the judicial process, we make no observation in our collective statement to insinuate the sanctity of the court or the due process of law,” the Diaspora community has stated in the collective letter signed by Tilak Niroula, Chairman of Bhutanese Community in Harrisburg, Khara Timsina, Executive Director of Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburg, Chandra Sitaula, President of Bhutanese Cultural Foundation of Scranton Association, Sudarson Sharma, Executive Director of Bhutanese Community of Central Ohio, Prem Khanal, President of Organization of Hindu Resource Centre and Kamal Dhimal, President of Global Bhutanese Hindu Organization.

In the letter, the US-based Bhutanese Diaspora community has presented their concerns, their understanding of how Rizal may be a victim rather than an accomplice, presenting a background to Rizal’s public personality.

“Our goal here is to inform the government and people of Nepal and all other stakeholders, about facts and circumstances integral to Mr. Rizal which we consider as being essential towards a judicious understanding of the present case,” says the letter. “Our purpose is to exercise our duty as members of the Bhutanese diaspora towards ensuring that Mr. Rizal is provided a fair and judicious process, that Mr. Rizal suffers no disproportionate disadvantage given his heightened vulnerability, and that justice and justice alone is done to Mr. Rizal.”

Read the full text of the letter here: