Prakash Saput forgives his assailant

Singer Saput has requested the organizer not to initiate any further action against Suman Gurung who threw a beer bottle at Prakash Saput while the latter was staging a performance in Romania. The fate of the assailant, however, is not yet decided.

Arjun Pradhan

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Romania: In a follow-up to the incident at the “Yaad Nepali Musical Festival-2” in Romania, where Suman Gurung threw a beer bottle at singer Prakash Saput, Romanian authorities are said to be initiating proceedings to take action against Gurung.

Gurung’s actions during the music program led to disorder and caused significant damage, said event organizer Naresh Giri. Consequently, the organizers filed a complaint with the local authorities, providing evidence and witness statements.

Gurung, if convicted, will face charges related to assault, public disturbance, and property damage as per Romanian laws. 

Singer Prakash Saput and the event organizers have cooperated with the authorities throughout the legal process, providing their statements and supporting evidence. 

Saput has publicly forgiven Gurung.

The incident has sparked discussions within the Nepali community in Romania and elsewhere, emphasizing the importance of maintaining respect, discipline, and harmony during cultural events.

Uva Raj Lamichhane, the master of ceremony (MC) who witnessed the incident, said: “The legal proceedings against Suman Gurung serve as a reminder of the repercussions that can arise from such incidents, highlighting the significance of responsible behavior and respect for others in public gatherings.” Further updates will be provided as the process unfolds,” he told Nepal Live Today.

Meanwhile, National Folk and Duet Song Academy Nepal has expressed serious concerns over the incident.  The Academy has called the incident “condemnable, inhuman and the height of anarchism.” The academy has also called for stringent action against the guilty.