Interview | “What students study should be decided by the students themselves:” Dr Ganesh Regmi, Executive Vice-Principal, Uniglobe SS/College

‘Students should first look within themselves to explore what they are best at. We all have something in which we can excel, something at which we are best.’

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Following the publication of SEE results by the National Examinations Board last week, schools and colleges offering grade XI and XII courses in Kathmandu and outside are now in an admission rush for a new intake. What are the recent trends among students on choosing subjects and areas of their studies? How do they decide? And how do colleges facilitate their decision making process? Dr. Ganesh Regmi, Executive Vice-Principal of Kamaladi-based Uniglobe Secondary School and College, shared his views.

How do students these days choose their areas of studies? What changes have you observed lately?

First of all, I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to all the students who completed their SEE. SEE is an important step because it sets the foundation for the students to pursue their future learning and careers. 

We are particularly encouraged by the fact that students these days are much more aware about which colleges offer quality education and which colleges they should choose.  There was a time when the students took their parents’ advice when it came to deciding which subject to study, and which college and stream—management, science, law or humanities–to choose.  The situation is different today. The students decide on these matters by themselves. This is an encouraging trend I have seen for the last few years and this is good because what the students study should be decided by the students themselves rather than by parents or teachers.

But deciding what to study is a tricky affair for the young minds. How would they decide?

Well, that’s a very important question. I think the students should first look within themselves to explore what they are best at.  There is a wrong perception that some people are born genius and others dull. Actually, we all have something in which we can excel, something which is our core strength, something at which we are best. The tragedy of the matter is that many of us live without actually knowing what we are best at.  The students need to first look within themselves to find what they are best at. 

Some are very good at math and passionate about understanding the physical and natural world. Science may be the best choice for those students. Others may be passionate about becoming bankers, entrepreneurs, or business leaders. Management can be a preferred option for such students. There are some students who keep keen interest in the political and legal processes. I have seen students who are curious to know, since their early grades, how the government is formed, how our legal and constitutional systems function and so on. Law may be a preferred option for them. What you study in grade XI and XII depends on what you are passionate about. The students these days seem to be pretty much aware about this. 

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has directed the private colleges to allocate 10 percent scholarships to the needy. How do you ensure compliance with that directive?

When the KMC issued that directive, we were actually happy. Because we have been providing such scholarships to a number of students, probably even more than 10 percent, every year. We have been offering scholarships for the underprivileged individuals belonging to marginalized communities such as Dalits, Adhibashi, Janjati, Madhesis, residents of remote areas, and those facing financial hardships. These scholarships are provided in accordance with the provisions laid out by the government. We have provided such facilities to students from Karnali region, those graduating from public schools and those who come from low income backgrounds.

Not only that, we were equally happy with the KMC’s directive to the private schools to pay their teachers in parity with their government school counterparts. For we have been paying our teachers very decent salaries since the inception of our college in 2015.

As the admission rush is going on for grade XI, every school/college is projecting themselves as best. Why should a parent and a student choose Uniglobe?

First of all, we believe in holistic education. We do not limit students’ learning to textbook contents. Our students learn a lot more other skills during their two years here. They include public speaking, presentation skills, social service and networking, sports, arts, innovation and many more. We impart these vital skills through various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.  Second, we believe in innovation in education. We were among the first private institutions in Kathmandu valley to start online education in 2019. So when the pandemic hit in 2020, we already had virtual class setups ready. Our education did not suffer a bit even during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Our teachers are among the most qualified and most experienced and they take care of their students like they are their own guardians.  Students here receive individual care. Third, we believe that no child, rich or poor, should be deprived of learning opportunities. 

‘We have among the best teachers, best infrastructure, and best learning environment in Uniglobe. Our focus is on how to make the students the best performers.’

Bringing the best together is our signature slogan.  We have among the best teachers, best infrastructure, and best learning environment. Our focus is on how to make the students here best performers. 

We create an environment that fosters the growth and development of individuals, preparing them to excel in their chosen fields and contribute to society. Our focus is on academic excellence, practical skills, ethical values, and social responsibility so that when students graduate from here they not only become leaders and valuable contributors in various professions but also serve their communities and humanity as a whole. Uniglobe is the first choice for parents and students due to its academic excellence, scholarships, experienced faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, holistic development focus, co-curricular activities, career guidance and supportive environment.