Nepal’s former finance minister and foreign minister decries Indian obstruction on import of explosives

Dr Prakash Chandra Lohani has called Indian obstruction on imports of explosives unfortunate and unfriendly behavior and asked the southern neighbor not to be influenced by the hangover of British Raj.

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Kathmandu: Amid the media reports that Indian authorities have been obstructing import of explosives needed for the infrastructure construction projects and that the Indian authorities are putting additional conditionalities on import of power from Nepal, Dr Prakash Chandra Lohani, former finance minister and foreign minister of Nepal, has called the Indian response unfortunate and unfriendly.

Taking to Twitter, Lohani said if these reports are true, it is really unfortunate. “I read in newspapers that India has been obstructing the import of explosives for the construction of physical infrastructure, including many hydro projects now considered as new areas of cooperation for mutual benefit. If this is true, this is simply unfortunate and unfriendly,” he wrote.

India should be aware of the fact that a little concern about the interest of a close neighbor is always the best strategy to promote its own national interest in Nepal and earn the goodwill of the Nepali people, Lohani further wrote. “India should view the relationship between our two nations from all angles and not be overly influenced by the hangover of the “umbrella doctrine” that was characteristic of the British Raj.”