South Korean industrialists seek proposal for investment in Nepal

During the meeting held at Ministry for Physical Infrastructures and Transport in Singha Durbar, the Korean delegation said they are ready for investing in Nepal's infrastructure sector.

NL Today

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Kathmandu: A visiting delegation of industrialists from South Korea including ambassador to Nepal, Park Taeyoung, called on Minister for Physical Infrastructures and Transport, Prakash Jwala, and sought a proposal for the investment in infrastructures sector in Nepal. During the meeting held at Minister’s office in Singh Durbar on Monday, the delegation reminded that they were investing in Nepal’s hydropower, and now are ready for investing in the infrastructures sector as well.

Ambassador Park said South Korea is ready to invest in roadway and railway in Nepal and it is prepared to hold thorough discussion on any concrete project to this regard. He also recalled that although Nepal and South Korea were ready for Korean investment in infrastructure sector in 2018, change in government obviated the signing of agreement. After some months, the establishment of diplomatic ties between Nepal and South Korea is reaching 50 years. South Korea is interested to utilize the occasion with investment in Nepal. In response, Minister Jwala said he would make utmost initiative to prepare proposal for the investment adding that if significant agreements on Korean investment in infrastructure were made, it would further strengthen two-country relations.