All non-emergency healthcare services halted today

NL Today

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Kathmandu: The Nepal Medical Association (NMA) has initiated a nationwide protest today, bringing all non-emergency healthcare services to a halt in response to what they perceive to be a protest against individuals responsible for a recent assault on a doctor at Sancho Hospital in Hetauda.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the NMA announced the complete cessation of all non-emergency services in government health facilities, hospitals, medical colleges, private hospitals, and clinics across the country. The incident in question occurred on September 13 at Sancho Hospital, involving Dr Vikas Thapa and Dr Prashant Bidari. 

The NMA is demanding a thorough investigation into all individuals involved in the incident and is urging the government to take action in accordance with the Ordinance Relating to the Security of Health Workers and Health Institutions (First Amendment) 2079 BS.

In a bid to ensure the safety of healthcare professionals, the NMA is calling for mandatory security personnel deployment at healthcare institutions nationwide, emphasizing the need for a secure environment for medical workers.