Jeewanka Tarang: Expression of emotion and existence

In "Jeewanka Tarang," Mamata Tiwari acknowledges life's challenges but yearns for a love that is vibrant and unwavering.

Saurav Shrestha

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“Jeewanka Tarang” is a collection of 36 poems written by Mamata Tiwari and published in 2019. The poems are crafted in a simple yet poignant language, resonating deeply with readers’ hearts.

Some noteworthy poems within the collection include “Time River,” “Hills,” “Morning,” “Disease,” “Path,” “Service,” “Thunder,” “Friendship,” “Trees,” “Rice Plantation,” “Daughter,” “Songs,” “Palm’s Lines,” “Dishonesty,” “Language of Poem,” “Life’s Wave,” “Stars,” “Cloud’s Art,” “Development? Identity,” “Teachers,” “Sea,” “City,” “Gift,” “Labour,” “Wall,” “Some Questions,” and “Heart.”

The collection derives its title from one of the poems, “Jeewanka Tarang,” which translates to “Waves of Life” in English. This particular poem beautifully interweaves both romantic and philosophical elements. Tiwari employs symbols and metaphors such as blossoming flowers, fragrances, songs, music, and smiles. She acknowledges life’s challenges but yearns for a love that is vibrant and unwavering. Moreover, she aspires to immerse herself in the highs and lows that life bestows, akin to riding the waves.

Tiwari’s poems serve as a medium for expressing her emotions and perspectives on life, drawing from her experiences in both Australia and Nepal. In “Time River,” she draws parallels between the nature of life, time, and a river, all of which share an unceasing, unstoppable flow. “Disease” delves into the paradox of our existence—how we inhabit our bodies around the clock yet often remain oblivious to the diseases that silently infiltrate and undermine our health.

In essence, this collection embodies Mamata Tiwari’s persona—marked by simplicity and a commitment to serving community. Many Nepali individuals residing in Australia, with an interest in Nepali literature, may recognize her as the President of the International Nepali Literature Society – NSW Chapter. Given her position and experience, we can anticipate further contributions from her in the realm of literature as a poet.

Key facts:

Book Title: Jeewanka Tarang [English Translated Title: Waves of Life]
Author: Mamata Tiwari
Language: Nepali
Genre: Poem Collection
Publisher: Chakrapani Sumitradevi Trust Nepal
Publised Year: 2019 AD
Price: AUD $6, NRs 100
Press: Naya Nepal Press, Kathmandu
Pages: 40