Hearts can be saved, cardiologists say

One should keep track of the health of one's family whether or not they have any heart-related disease.

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Kathmandu: Cardiologists have said that if we pay attention to diet and lifestyle, we can save ourselves from heart-related ailments. They said this on the occasion of World Heart Day, which falls on September 29.

Dr Mani Gautam, cardiologist at Bharatpur Hospital, said that one should keep track of the health of one’s family whether or not they have any heart-related disease. According to him, people with high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes are more at risk of heart disease. “We can save ourselves from heart diseases by identifying the risk factor,” he said. He suggested checking unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking alcohol and pay attention to exercise, reducing obesity and stress, managing diabetics, cholesterol and high blood pressures by taking regular medication to protect ourselves from heart diseases. “If we pay attention on time, we can prevent heart diseases and even if we have it, we can save ourselves from it,” he said.

Similarly, Dr Shankar Laudari, cardiologist at Chitwan Heart Hospital, argued that heart disease could be avoided if we timely take preventive measures. “If there is addiction of smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, it should be stopped. One can return to previous state in a year or two of refraining from this addiction but if the heart diseases aggravate, it will be difficult to return to normal regular state,” Dr Laudari warned.

He suggested eating a little more fruits, vegetables, protein and foods with anti-oxidant properties and reducing portion of carbohydrates, fatty foods to reduce the risk of heart diseases. The doctor informed that air pollution could be considered to be a factor of heart disease. Dr Vishnumani Dhital at Chitwan Medical College recommended to identifying the common symptoms of heart disease and treating it timely. According to him, long-lasting pain in the middle part of the chest, feeling of heaviness in the chest while climbing uphill or some physically-demanding tasks and the feeling of something pressing the chest hard were the symptoms of heart diseases. Cardiologists urged people to consult the doctors as soon as the symptoms of heat diseases appear.