Supreme Court demands original documents related to decision of paroling ‘Rigal’

Bharati Manandhar, the spouse of Chetan Manandhar, whom Rigal had murdered in Banke, is in hunger strike demanding justice.

Bharati Manandhar. Photo credit: Social Media

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Kathmandu:  The Supreme Court on Thursday issued an order to the government, seeking original documents on the decision of awarding amnesty to Yograj Dhakal ‘Rigal’ within October 11. A single bench of Justice Manoj Kumar Sharma issued an order to this regard. “Entire documents that have the decisions dated September 20 to parole Regal by the President should be produced before the court by October 11 via Office of the Attorney General from the office that keeps it,” Sharma stated in the order.

Similarly, Justice Sharma decided to slate the next hearing under full bench on October 12, reasoning that the case warranted smooth and prompt decision.

President Ramchandra Paudel had pardoned Rigal upon the recommendation of the Council of Ministers on the occasion of the Constitution Day on September 20.

Following this, Bharati Manandhar, the spouse of Chetan Manandhar, whom Regal had murdered in Banke, moved the Supreme Court seeking justice. On Wednesday, she collapsed at the Supreme Court premises while returning after taking summon letter from the court. Regal was serving jail sentence after being convicted of murder by the Banke District Court.

Rigal was associated with the Tarun Dal (Youth Front) of the Nepali Congress, which is the largest coalition partner in the government led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal.

Bharati Manandhar has been on a hunger strike in Maitighar Mandala demanding that the amnesty granted by the president on recommendation of the Council of Ministers be revoked.