Kist Hospital performs successful dual organ transplant in rare surgery

An 18-hour-long dual organ transplant surgery was performed in a single patient in collaboration with doctors from Indraprastha Apollo Hospital of India

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Kist Medical College and Teaching Hospital has successfully performed a dual organ transplant – a liver and kidney transplant – in a single patient. This monumental milestone marks the first-ever such procedure in the country, the hospital said.

“A 33-year-old female patient had been diagnosed with a rare congenital disease known as Primary Hyperoxaluria type 1, which had progressed to end-stage renal disease. To combat this life-threatening condition, a 18-hour-long surgery was performed in collaboration with doctors from Indraprastha Apollo Hospital,” a statement issued by the hospital reads.

The liver donor for this procedure was the patient’s husband, while her sister-in-law donated a kidney. This unique dual organ transplant operation required the expertise and dedication of over 100 doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers from Kist Hospital, the hospital said.

“This achievement isn’t just a milestone for a single institution but a testament to the capabilities of the entire medical community and Nepal’s healthcare system.” 

This historic achievement, according to the hospital, is a testament to dedication and commitment.  The hospital has a dedicated Organ Transplant Wing and has provided transplant services to over 115 patients to date.

Kist Teaching Hospital is the sole private hospital in Nepal recognized by the government to perform both liver and kidney transplant surgeries.