Three priorities of EU in Nepal: Green recovery, human capital and federalism implementation

EU Ambassador to Nepal Veronique Lorenzo also announced the plans to launch various programs to mark the 50th anniversary of the EU-Nepal relations next year.

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Kathmandu: The Ambassador of the Delegation of European Union in Nepal Veronique Lorenzo said on Monday that investment and support on green recovery, human capital and implementation of federalism will be the three key priorities of the EU in Nepal during her tenure.

In her first address to the media in the capital after submitting the letter of credence to president of Nepal on Thursday, she also announced the plans of the EU to launch various programs to mark the 50th anniversary of the EU-Nepal relations next year. “We are thinking of a number of events in different areas such as cultural events, business forums, seminars, business fairs, film festivals among others,” she said.

According to her, this is meant for reaching out to the widest audience possible informing what the EU does in Nepal and what it is meant for.

When asked what will be the three top priorities of the EU during her tenure as the EU ambassador to Nepal, Veronique Lorenzo said investment in energy, human capital and federalism implementation will be the key areas. “We have three priorities in our agendas with Nepal,” she said. First, is green recovery with investment in energy focusing on equipping Nepal for future export because Nepal has a huge hydro power potential.  EU’s Green recovery and empowerment with energy in Nepal (GREEN) project promotes renewable energy technologies (RETs) and energy efficiency (EE) through greater participation of the private sectors and the provision of advisory services.

 Second priority is in developing human capital. “We have been investing in education for a long time with good results but there is still a lot to achieve in terms of quality of education. Apart from that we work with actors in inclusion.”   The third priority area of support, she said, is on governance front. “It is the support essentially for federalism and implementation of new constitution. Beyond that, my priority is really to reach out to the widest sector possible to the young people to understand what the priorities are and problems are,” she informed.