Third NRN Global Knowledge Convention (GKC) to kick off on Tuesday

'Main objective is to provide a common forum for both diaspora and Nepali professionals to share and exchange knowledge, innovation, expertise, experience and create a positive environment for partnerships for Nepal’s socioeconomic development.'

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Kathmandu: A two-day long third Non-Resident Nepali Global Knowledge Convention will begin on October 17, 2023 in Kathmandu.

This year, the Convention will focus on the theme ‘Science, Technology, Innovation and Investment for Socio-economic Development of Nepal’, according to the convention organizing committee of Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA).

The theme of the convention is shaped by Nepal National Planning Commission Fifteenth Plan (2019-2024) and Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, said Dr Raju Adhikari, chair of the convention.

“The convention is expected to create a vibrant platform to discuss and develop strategies and action plan to ensure that science, technology and innovation are valued and wisely used for the benefit of Nepali people in the days to come,” he said, adding that the convention will provide unique opportunities for NRNA members and Nepali experts and investors for network, linkage and knowledge sharing on the theme.

The convention is expected to enhance multi-stakeholder engagement toward utilization of science, technology and innovation for the socioeconomic development of the country, said Dr Devi Bahadur Basnet, co-chair of the convention.

“While this year’s convention highly values the output and recommendations of the previous conventions, this year the organizing committee has given emphasis on the implementable agenda that can be used as a short and long-term plan”, he said.

“We strongly believe that the government, private sector, the diaspora communities and Nepali people should work collectively in order to achieve socio-economic development of the country by utilizing science innovation and technology.”

The convention’s long-term objectives are to provide a common forum for diaspora and Nepali professionals from various fields to share and exchange their knowledge, Research & Development innovation, expertise, networking, experiences, and work in partnerships in Nepal’s development projects, according to the organizing committee. “The forum will work as a conduit between global and Nepal professional institutions to help Nepal’s outreach to the global knowledge pool and developing local and global institutional partnership to help transition Nepal to a knowledge-based economy.”

The event will have four plenary sessions focusing on Roadmap to Nepal’s future economy, Science & Technology investment, policies, collaboration and commercialization, Future IT and digital technology, sustainable infrastructure, agriculture, and alternate energy, according to the organizer.

Similarly, there will be as many as 12 scientific symposiums in areas of smart and sustainable urban development, sustainable agriculture and food security, sustainable environment, disaster and risk management, renewable energy, biotechnology and commercial opportunity, S&T investment and policies, disruptive digital and AI technology, population and public health, economy and foreign investment, sustainable transportation and construction materials, and foreign employment and vocational technical education and a special session of Science and Technology commercialization and application. The convention will also prepare a set of key recommendations for implementation.

We would like to request all individuals to attend the various sessions that also go online, the organizer said.

Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) organizes Global Knowledge Convention every two years at NRNA Global Conference.