Sushant Paudyal from Nepal recognized as an Amazon Web Services Ambassador

Sushant is an active member of the thriving community of AWS User Group Nepal, a community of over 1200 AWS professionals and enthusiasts in Nepal.

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Five years ago, Sushant Paudyal took his first steps in cloud computing, guided by his curiosity and passion for technology. As an engineering student at the Institute of Engineering (IOE) in Nepal, he stumbled across AWS while working on a challenging college project. Little did he know, this was the beginning of a career exploring immense possibilities and capabilities in AWS, leading to the honorable recognition as an AWS Ambassador in October 2023.

The Journey So Far

Beginning his professional journey as a tech intern at Genese Solution, he has now progressed to be the Pre-Sales Solution Architect of the multinational cloud consulting company, managing a team of over 20 engineers. His journey in the cloud has been marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and hands-on experience, making him well-equipped to contribute effectively to cloud-based projects and share his expertise with others in the AWS community.

“Immersing myself in the AWS on a daily basis, I was continuously dedicated to learning and practical application of AWS technologies, which has made me proficient in designing, implementing, and managing cloud solutions that align with industry best practices and client requirements. I have often devoted myself more than the typical 8-hour workday identifying best possible solutions,” he reflects, admitting that his dedication and passion for his work go beyond the conventional work schedule and responsibilities. He has led diverse projects that covered a large spectrum of AWS solutions, from cloud infrastructure design to application deployment and optimization.

His five AWS certifications validate his commitment to developing expertise in AWS, the most recent being the professional certification for AWS DevOps Engineer. He is dedicated to his professional development and plans to get further certifications to stay at the forefront of cloud computing trends and innovations.

AWS User Group Nepal and Community Contributions

Sushant is an active member of the thriving community of AWS User Group Nepal, a community of over 1200 AWS professionals and enthusiasts in Nepal. He has been the technical speaker at the community meetups and webinars, presented his talk at the AWS Community Day 2022, and is involved in initiatives like ‘Train the Trainers’ at the Institute of Engineering (IOE) and ‘AWS User Group Nepal – She Can’. He has trained students with the AWS Academy course at the Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He documents his knowledge, experiences, and insights on his medium blogs.

As an AWS trainer and academic facilitator at Nepalese universities, he has trained and mentored over 300 individuals, nurturing the next generation of cloud professionals. He is passionate about guiding young minds to embark on their unique AWS journeys. With his unique ability to explain complex concepts with simple examples, he wins the favor and gratitude of hundreds of students pursuing a career in the cloud.

AWS Ambassador: What does the title mean?

An AWS Ambassador is a highly qualified and influential professional who passionately advocates for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and actively contributes to the AWS community. As an employee at AWS Partners, they drive their organization’s AWS proficiency and support the community through thought leadership.

Recognized by AWS for their expertise, commitment, and contributions, Ambassadors play a significant role in promoting the benefits of AWS to businesses and individuals. They possess and maintain multiple AWS certifications, support customers in their success with the AWS cloud, and engage in activities that help others discover the power of AWS cloud services.

Sushant is one of the few hundreds of people around the globe who are recognized for their contributions and holding the prestigious title of an ‘AWS Ambassador’.

For People Aspiring a Similar Career Track

Sushant believes that to embark on a successful journey in AWS, it’s crucial to start with a strong foundation. This involves developing a good understanding of cloud computing, AWS services, and the Well-Architected Framework.

In addition, he encourages people to embrace a culture of continuous learning, earning relevant certifications, finding good mentors, and engaging in practical projects. He trusts that obstacles are opportunities for growth and suggests people have a growth mindset in their learning journey. Networking within the AWS community, attending events, and refining problem-solving skills for real-world scenarios are other valuable aspects he emphasizes for anyone pursuing a similar career path.

Future Plans and Aspirations

Sushant is dedicated to fostering innovation and driving impactful growth in the South Asian region, particularly within Nepal’s tech landscape. His primary goal is to address industry-specific challenges using AWS-based solutions, bringing a culture of innovation and effective problem-solving. By helping organizations migrate to the cloud, optimize their cloud infrastructure, and innovate with cloud-based solutions, he intends to contribute to the digital transformation and competitiveness of businesses in the region.

He is also passionate about developing remote job opportunities to work on cloud-related projects in the region. “This not only retains valuable skills locally but also contributes to the development of a flourishing tech ecosystem that can compete globally,” he states. He also intends to forge connections and collaborations on a global scale and bring valuable insights, best practices, and opportunities to the South Asian region.

By leveraging the power of AWS to create solutions aligned with international industries, he strives to position Nepal as a hub of innovation and a valuable partner in the global tech ecosystem. Sushant believes that his journey is not just about individual accomplishments; it’s a commitment to building a stronger tech community and creating inspiration for upcoming professionals in the cloud community.