Celebrating International Day of Medical Physics 2023 at BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital

Medical Physicists at BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital.

Pratiksha Shahi

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Since 2013, the International Day of Medical Physicists has been celebrated worldwide on November 7. This year, we mark the 60th anniversary with the slogan “Standing on the Shoulder of Giants”. This date is dedicated to honoring the birth of Marie Sklodowska-Curie, renowned for her pioneering work on radioactivity.

In Nepal, there are currently 22 medical physicists, including two from abroad, dedicated to serving all cancer patients across the nation with eight dedicated Cancer Centers. At the BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital, our team of six medical physicists celebrated this day by cutting the cake followed by a welcome speech from senior medical physicists, words of wisdom from the Director of the Hospital, delineating slogan by senior medical physicists and concluded with thanking words from the head of the department.

The cake symbolizes the joy of our achievements, reflecting the development of the hospital’s radiation oncology department from its inception with a tile cobalt machine unit to now providing services with three Linear Accelerators and an HDR Brachytherapy unit.

According to our director, the medical physicist serves as the cornerstone of the radiation oncology department. From the moment a patient is confirmed to require radiation treatment, they remain under the guidance of the medical physicist, from the initiation of the treatment procedure until the final setup for the procedure for quality delivery. From his words for medical physicists, I am reminded today of our crucial role in advancing global healthcare and improving the well-being of patients. We celebrate our contributions and recognize the continuous efforts within our field to enhance diagnostics, treatment approaches, and patient safety.

Understanding the essential nature of our role in cancer care, we acknowledge that our ongoing efforts are crucial for the advancements in technology and essential for progressing the treatment of cancer patients. We are an indispensable part of the team striving to find better ways to treat people fighting cancer.

Furthermore, medical physicists actively contribute to cutting-edge research and development, introducing innovative technologies that enhance the precision and efficiency of cancer treatment. Working closely with a multidisciplinary team, medical physicists design personalized treatment strategies, considering factors such as tumor size, location, and patient well-being.

From starting the Cancer Treatment with 2-dimensional treatment planning to now providing the standard, IMRT, VMAT, and Gated planning for the treatment. The oncology department at B.P Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital has progressed a lot with the dedicated and enthusiastic team of Doctors, Physicists, and technologists.

Moreover, medical physicists are actively involved in research and development, working to introduce and apply cutting-edge technologies that improve the accuracy and efficiency of cancer treatment. We work closely with oncologists, radiologists, and other healthcare experts to create personalized treatment strategies for each patient, taking into account factors like tumor size, location, and the patient’s overall well-being.

The unwavering commitment and interdisciplinary collaboration at BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital symbolize the continuous drive to advance cancer care, ensuring every patient receives comprehensive, tailored treatment.

Shahi is a medical physicist at BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital.