Happy Minds launches 24-hour free telephone counseling for earthquake-affected individuals in Western Nepal

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Kathmandu: Happy Minds, an organization offering mental health counseling services, has launched a toll-free telephone counseling service for individuals affected by the earthquake in Western Nepal.  

To access mental health counseling, individuals can call 9801029500, according to the organization. 

Tashi Gurung, a mental health counselor at Happy Minds, said it is important to seek support during challenging times such as earthquakes. “People may be constantly concerned about the well-being of their family members or experiencing significant mental distress due to injuries or loss. Seeking advice from qualified medical professionals and counselors is appropriate in such situations, as enduring emotional pain can have a lasting impact on daily life, causing grief, shock, stress, and despair.”

Shreya Giri, the founder and managing director of Happy Minds, said that the organization was established shortly after the Covid-19 pandemic. Happy Minds has been extending mental health counseling services to Nepalis across various countries globally. 

With the objective of assisting earthquake-affected communities, the organization has introduced this 24-hour toll-free telephone counseling service. Giri also said that security personnel, volunteers, and health workers involved in rescue and relief efforts can also benefit from free mental health counseling by dialing the provided number.