Nepal Dialogue Conference highlights the role of dialogues in fostering peace

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Participants at the Nepal Dialogues Conference 2023, a significant gathering organized by a collaborative effort between the Nepal Dialogue Initiative and UNESCO, expressed the role of dialogue in fostering peace. The conference brought together a network of 36 influential social organizations dedicated to the noble cause of peace building and inclusion.

Addressing the conference, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation spoke about the unique interdependence of Nepal’s geography, caste, religion, and language and said that all parties in the country are minorities. He said that dialogue is the key to addressing intercultural conflicts in the region.

Stephanie Theis, representing GIZ, expressed her delight in the ongoing efforts of the Nepal Dialogue Conference. Michael Croft, the UNESCO Nepal Representative, expressed his satisfaction at UNESCO’s role as a co-organizer, underscoring the potential for the world to draw valuable lessons from Nepal’s diversity, strong social relations, and rich history.

Total of seven distinct sessions, each focusing on a crucial aspect of dialogue and peace building, were held during the conference on the topics ranging from “National Perspectives on Dialogue and Peacebuilding” to “Advocacy Paths for Promoting the Culture of Dialogue in Nepal.” The conference concluded with Kathmandu Declaration, the document which includes the conference’s resolutions and strategies. The declaration serves as a blueprint for global peace, encapsulating the collective wisdom shared during the conference, the organizer said.