Litmus Cables Brings Chance to Win a Trip to Dubai

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Litmus Cables has announced a special initiative for electricians, ECO WIRING, seven-month nationwide campaign in Nepal rewarding electricians for their hard work.

“Litmus Cables’ ECOWIRE-ZH, Nepal’s only wire with zero halogen, is crafted with specially formulated PVC polymers containing ZERO HALOGEN to enhance safety, reducing harmful smoke and halogen-free gases in case of a fire, making it safe and environmentally friendly,” the company said.

“This program offers electricians the opportunity to earn rewards by acquiring a specific number of coils. Prizes include a smartwatch for 50 coils, a drill machine for 100 coils, an air cooler for 300 coils, a trip to Muktinath, a mobile for 500 coils, an MI TV for 1000 coils, and an 8KG washing machine for 1500 coils. Top performers reaching 2500 coils are eligible for an unforgettable Dubai trip.”

To participate, electricians need to purchase ECOWIRE-ZH. For every coil of ECOWIRE-ZH cable purchased, there’s a chance to win prizes such as a smartwatch, drill machines, air coolers, trips to Muktinath, mobiles, TVs, washing machines, and Dubai trips, said the company. The scheme runs from 1st Poush, 2080, to 31st Ashad, 2081.