Adhyayan School wins the ICT award 2023 for digital education

ICT award is a prestigious award in Nepal which is provided to individuals, innovation and organizations for outstanding achievements and excellence in the field of Information and Communications Technology.

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Kathmandu: Adhyayan School, an education initiative of Leapfrog Technology, wins the Biggest Tech Award in Nepal—ICT Award 2023 for Digital Education (Private Sector). Among a pool of approximately 50 top tier schools nominated across Nepal, Adhyayan School stands tall as the Best School in the country for the use of ICT in education. The grand finale of the award was held on December 22.

Adhyayan is Nepal’s first Design Thinking and Technology ( focused school. Inspired by America’s Design Tech High School (school by Oracle and Stanford’s, Adhyayan’s mission is to innovate education in Nepal through the use of technology, infusion of design thinking and weaving in the best holistic approach to education.

Adhyayan has been offering opportunities to its students to build confidence to handle ever-evolving technological tools where it is making education fun by using technology. Adhyayan focuses on programming from early grades through, scratch and python curriculum. Adhyayan is an international partner of to promote programming globally. Adhyayan uses Google for Education suite for all the teaching-learning collaboration. Each classroom at Adhyayan is fully equipped with all the ICT hardware needed and all teachers have their own laptops and are rigorously trained for teaching-learning collaboration. Adhyayan uses Veda App for the overall learning management system.

Principal of Adhyayan School, Sandeep Sharma, expressed immense pride and said: “At Adhyayan, we firmly believe that technology is the key to ensuring the safety and security of education for our future generations. This ICT award not only validates but also celebrates our unwavering dedication towards quality education.” “While we acknowledge the wonders of technology, it is crucial to address the accessibility and equity aspects in the context of Nepal. Both the private sector, represented by us, and the government should collaborate on building infrastructure and ecosystem to ensure that every child in Nepal has access to education & technology. Together we will continue to innovate education in Nepal,” he further said.

Digital Education ICT Award 2023 (Private Sector) recognizes the excellence of private educational institutions in implementing and applying ICT in digital education as a useful tool for instructing and training students. Private educational organizations that have excelled in integrating ICT into the classroom are eligible to submit a nomination for this category.

The ICT Award is a prestigious award in Nepal, which is awarded to individuals, innovation and organizations for outstanding achievements and excellence in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).