Policy discourse seminar on student migration held

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Kathmandu University led an initiative to address the increasing trend of student migration, organizing a policy discourse seminar on Sunday. The event brought together key stakeholders to discuss and strategize causes, effects, and potential policy reforms related to student migration.

During the event, distinguished keynote speakers shared valuable insights. Dr Bishnu Raj Uprety, former chair of Policy Research Institute (PRI), emphasized that student migration encompasses a heterogeneous group with diverse contexts and courses, playing a crucial role in social change.

Pradip Bhusal, Executive Member of Education Consultancy Association of Nepal (ECAN) stressed the importance of managing education migration. While acknowledging the difficulty of controlling student migration, he highlighted the need to create a strong foundation to retain students in their home country.

Saurabh Lama, an overseas-return student, shared insights on the substantial exposure and networking opportunities he gained during his time abroad. Lama’s firsthand account shed light on both the advantages and challenges faced by students opting for higher education outside their home country.

Experts shared their diverse perspectives on the subject. The panel brought together the views of the academics, researchers and students enriching the discourse with a holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities related to student migration.