3rd edition of the Model United Nations conference concludes in Birgunj

NL Today

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Birgunj: The third edition of the Model United Nations Conference successfully concluded on Sunday in Birgunj. A three-day conference was organized by the Youth Thinkers’ Society in collaboration with the US Embassy in Kathmandu, focusing on key global issues and fostering international collaboration.

The conference served as a precursor to the upcoming Everest International Model United Nations 2024 (EIMUN 2024) in Nepal, according to the organizer.

The active participation of 49 youth aged 18 to 30 marked the conference, addressing two significant international issues: Addressing the Socio-cultural and legislative issues concerning child, early, and Forced marriage, and Ensuring Quality Education Access to All.

Despite the global nature of the issues discussed, the conference emphasized the impact on the social fabric of Madhesh Pradesh, highlighting the need for “Social Restructuring”, claims the organizer. “This thematic choice was aimed at addressing the reconstruction of social structures in the region, even as the effects are global.”

Participants actively engaged in discussions, presenting insightful perspectives, diplomatic discourse, and solution-oriented proposals.

With the conclusion of the conference in Birgunj, the attention now shifts to the upcoming Karnali Model United Nations that will be jointly organized by the Youth Thinkers’ Society and Everest International Model United Nations, according to the organizer.