China Foundation for Rural Development celebrates successful implementation of sustainable agricultural initiative in Tarkeshwor

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Kathmandu: The China Foundation for Rural Development (CFRD) celebrated the successful implementation of its sustainable agricultural initiative in Tarkeshwor Municipality. The occasion marked the sale of the first batch of freshly harvested vegetables, a direct outcome of the off-seasonal vocational skills training provided by the Enlai Foundation, guided by Chongqing experts.

The CFRD had inaugurated “The First Sustainable Development Experimental Village in Nepal” on May 29, 2023, in Tarakeshwor Municipality. This initiative included off-seasonal vocational skills training, a whole village water system project, Panda pack Project, and the Smiling Children Project.

The opening ceremony witnessed the sale of over 300 kg of cauliflower, 500 kg leaf vegetables, 140 kg of tomatoes, 100 kg of potatoes, and 100 kg of other vegetables in the first batch. The vegetables were produced by  40 students, who underwent training.

“This initiative, supported by the China Foundation for Rural Development (CFRD) and New Light Foundation (NLF), focuses on skill development training in Nepal, specifically in cultivating and selling Off-Seasonal vegetable production. The project, bolstered by the expertise of Chongqing Experts, aims to contribute to sustainable agricultural practices in the region,” according to CFRD.

Chief Guest Ghanashyam Shrestha, Chairperson of Ward No. 6, who chaired the ceremony, underscored the local community’s commitment to sustainable agricultural practices.

Special Guest Radha Krishna Khadgi, Chairperson of Ward No. 2, highlighted that these kinds of support foster agricultural development.