Sixth International Cancer Conference to be held in Janakpur in March

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Kathmandu: The sixth International Cancer Conference is scheduled to take place in Janakpur, Nepal. The conference, set to be held on March 16, aims to discuss and enhance the quality of cancer treatment in South Asia.

The conference will be participated by cancer specialists from the United States, India, and Nepal, along with healthcare professionals, nurses, and caregivers involved in its treatment. The 6th International Cancer Congress (ICC2024) is the sixth annual oncology conference organized by the Binaytara Foundation in Janakpurdham, Nepal. The ICC2024 meeting will provide an opportunity to hear from the leading national and international experts on gastrointestinal malignancies and breast cancer.

“The conference will bring experts from the United States, India, Nepal, among other countries under the same roof to discuss and deliberate on making cancer treatment in South Asia more effective,” said Dr Binay Shah, director of the conference. Shah is also the president of Binaytara Foundation.

Dr YP Singh, President of the conference and Medical Officer at Binaytara Cancer Hospital, said that the conference will focus on the latest advancements in medications, treatment methods, and equipment used in cancer treatment.

Dr David Aboulafia, Dr Srinivas Tantravahi, Dr Siddhartha Yadav, Dr Sudeep Shrestha, Dr Dinesh Bhurani, Ddr Abhimanyu Jha, Dr Anjan Shrestha, Prabhat Thakur, among other experts have already confirmed their participation in the conference.

The registration to participate in the conference is open till January 15. The registration fees are Rs 1,500 for specialists, Rs 1,000 for medical officers, and Rs 500 for other health professionals.

The non-profit organization Binaytara Foundation, registered in the United States, has been actively involved in various sectors of healthcare in different regions of South Asia. It has provided support in medical research funding for underserved communities, including initiatives such as the Bone Marrow Transplant Center, Home Hospice Program, Cancer Screening, and resource mobilization for communities lacking medical facilities. 

The Foundation aims to establish a model cancer treatment center in Janakpur, Province 2, with a current operational 25-bed hospital, and plans to complete preparations for a 200-bed hospital in the near future.