Aroma of Parissicano: A Dream of Love and Liberation

Saurav Shrestha

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The global coffee market is experiencing rapid growth, with various types like Espresso, Latte, Flat White, Mocha, and Americano being enjoyed by billions worldwide. Melbourne-based Nepali author and writer, Niru Tripathi, has introduced a unique coffee flavor, Parrissicano, in her debut novel “Parissicano: Ek Alaukik Gatha.” Notably, she captures readers’ attention not only with her storytelling but also by introducing a distinct flavor and a coffee-making process that transports you to Namche and the Nepalese Himalayas.

For coffee enthusiasts eager to explore new flavors while enjoying a romantic read, “Parissicano: A Phenomenal Ballad” (an English translation of the book’s title) should unquestionably grace your reading list. The narrative revolves around Manu-Kafikumari, a young woman on a quest for love, belonging, and life’s aspirations. It deeply explores the challenges faced by many Nepalese young women during their migration to Australia, from the struggles of student life to navigating the complexities of obtaining Permanent Residency and ultimately citizenship. Through Manu’s journey, the author sheds light on the toll taken by newcomers striving to fulfill their dreams in Australia.

The novel is a deep dive into Manu’s life, spanning from her puberty to middle age. Each phase brings forth a tapestry of stories woven with diverse characters and incidents, ranging from her parents, school, boyfriend Samir, college and career pursuits, love, encounters with betrayal, immigration agents, fake marriages, her experiences in Australia, the coffee shop, and moments of redemption.

The novel is a rich blend of emotions, encompassing love, desire, sex, and the complexities of human relationships, including friendship, family, and marriage. It evokes feelings of helplessness, anger, sadness, and hope, portraying the nuances of regret, shame, compromise, deception and the desire for revenge.

Within this narrative, it addresses the weight of family expectations and control, particularly as they pertain to women’s careers and lives. It paints a vivid picture of the struggles endured by those living far from their families, their yearning for understanding amidst hardships, and their persistent longing for a reunion with their Nepalese families. Furthermore, it offers glimpses into Australian life through characters like Madam Qurie, Edvard, Paris, and their families, essential elements interwoven into the fabric of the narrative.

Tripathi skillfully navigates the clash between Australian values of multiculturalism, open family structures, and sexual freedom and challenges conventional Nepali notions of love, marriage, loyalty, and responsibility. While some readers may find these cultural intersections challenging, they serve to provoke thoughts on freedom and individualism practiced in Australia.

Known as a prominent journalist and lyricist within the Melbourne Nepali community, Tripathi’s debut novel stands as a testament to her quality, passion, and dedication. It’s a beautifully crafted work that promises not to disappoint readers, setting a high standard for her future endeavors as a serious novelist. Best wishes to her as she continues her literary journey.

Book Title: Parissicano: Ek Alaukik Gatha (English Translation: Parissicano: A Phenomenal Ballad)
Author: Niru Tripathi
Language: Nepali
Genre: Novel
Publisher: Book Hill, Kathmandu Nepal
Published Year: 2020 (2076 BS)
Price: ADU $ 10
Pages: 272