Bharatpur Visit Year to be launched on March 1

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Chitwan: The Bharatpur Metropolitan City (BMC) is set to inaugurate Bharatpur Visit Year on March 1. The executive meeting of the Metropolis decided to launch the tourism promotion campaign in the presence of the Prime Minister, former Prime Ministers, ministers, dignitaries, and over 50,000 other people.

The Metropolis had initially planned to observe the visit year at the beginning of January, but citing a lack of preparation, the inaugural event was deferred to March 1, according to the Metropolis. Dr. Bishwa Subedi, tourism advisor of the BMC, mentioned that the inauguration would include the presence of individuals involved in the tourism sector from federal, provincial, and local levels. To ensure the attendance of local residents at the inauguration, the ward chairpersons of all 29 wards in the Metropolis would be assigned for the same.

Rallies and cultural processions involving elephants would be staged from every ward, eventually assembling at the Narayani River side. There are seven major tourist destinations in Bharatpur, with an additional 21 publicized for the Bharatpur Visit Year. A 2,024-member Main Organizing Committee has been formed, coordinated by BMC Mayor Renu Dahal, to ensure the success of the Bharatpur Visit Year. The campaign is estimated to cost 60 million. Over 200,000 external and 500,000 domestic tourists are expected to visit Chitwan district during the Bharatpur Visit Year.

On the eve of the inaugural event, local artists will perform in the cultural program on the Narayani riverbank, it was shared.