CFRD provides solar lamps to earthquake-affected children in Jajarkot

The objective of the initiative is to remove obstacles to education brought on by irregular power supplies in earthquake affected areas.

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Kathmandu: The China Foundation for Rural Development (CFRD) distributed 1,000 sets of solar lights to children affected by the earthquake in community schools in Jajarkot district on Thursday. 

Jajarkot, located in the remote Karnali province, was struck by a 5.7 magnitude earthquake, resulting in the loss of 153 lives and injuring at least 375 people.

The distribution of solar lights is expected to ensure a sustained power supply, enabling students to study during the night.

“The organization anticipates that the children who are still grappling with the aftermath of the earthquake will benefit from the portable solar light sets. This initiative reflects CFRD’s dedication to enhancing education in disaster-affected areas.”

The provision of solar lights ensures that students have access to a reliable source of light, enabling them to continue learning even in areas where regular electricity supply has been disrupted due to disasters and trauma.

Solar lights as part of an innovative effort that is bringing in a new era of reliable, sustainable electricity for education. To make sure that all students have access to light and can study efficiently, even in areas with insufficient energy. The solar lights are not only environmentally friendly but also a cost-effective solution for communities facing energy challenges.

This project shows a strong commitment to narrowing educational disparities and building a brighter future for Nepalese children, CFRD said. “It is garnering widespread support and serving as a model for addressing energy inequalities in other regions, showcasing the transformative potential of sustainable educational solutions. Beyond the provision of essential resources, this initiative also serves as a symbol of celebration for recovery and resilience, especially as the Chinese Spring Festival approaches.”

Last month, the foundation had also distributed earthquake relief materials of 2,000 packages of daily-use household goods, food materials, and warm packs; 1,906 packages of food materials (12.5 kg of rice, 2 kg of Dal, and 1 liter of oil) and 366 Blankets and jackets to earthquake-affected children and families of Jajarkot and Rukum-West districts.