FNJ conducts training on “Media and Information Literacy for Journalists” in Dang

To fight the growing challenges of misinformation and disinformation, journalists must be equipped with the skills to critically analyze and evaluate content before dissemination, experts say.

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Dang: With the aim of equipping working journalists with techniques to critically evaluate the content and avoid manipulated information, Lumbini Province Committee of Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) organized training on Media and Information Literacy for Journalists in Dang on Feb 5-6.

The two-day session concluded on Tuesday amid a function organized in Bhalubang, Dang. 

Speaking at the program, Basanta Giri, chair of Lumbini Province Committee of FNJ highlighted the need of encouraging journalists to develop foundational skills on media literacy to fight the challenges of misinformation, disinformation and fake news. 

The training on media and information literacy skills for journalists is expected to empower journalists to critically evaluate media content in the age of rise of false news, he said. “Empowered and informed journalists can work to enhance the credibility of the media by encountering mistrust.”

Siromani Dhungana, lead trainer of the session and secretary general at International Press Institute (IPI) Nepal chapter, emphasized the need of equipping journalists with required knowledge and skills in media and information literacy to make them empowered in verifying information, facts, and disseminate evidence-based information.

Highlighting the influencing role of media in the social learning process, Dhungana, also the editor of Nepal Live Today, stressed on the need of enabling journalists to fact-check skills to combat the growing challenge of misinformation. Informed journalists can make informed decisions while disseminating the message, he said. “Flow of fact-based information not only enhances the prospect of quality journalism but also helps consolidate democratic values and practices.”

Bikram Khadka, general secretary of the FNJ province committee, vowed to continue training on media and information literacy to other parts of the province. 

A total of 25 participants from the province participated in the program. 

The program was organized with the support from the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Lumbini Province, according to the FNJ.