Loshar Saaj hosted in Virginia 

Arjun Pradhan

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Virginia, United States:  The Bhutanese Community of Greater Richmond, in collaboration with the Bhutanese Buddhist Community of Richmond, organized Loshar Saaj, a grand cultural program with performances from artists Jadish Samal, Kanchi Maya Mongar, and Lokesh Gurung, in Virginia, United States on Sunday.

The event not only aimed to showcase traditional Loshar festivities but also was a fundraiser program for the local community, particularly in support of the RVA Riders and their families, it said.

“Loshar Saaj was filled with cultural performances, traditional rituals, and a shared commitment to giving back, according to Chairman Dipak Lungeli of BCGR.

“The celebration featured Unity Dance performances by Jharna Magar, Hang Subba, Susmita Allay, Uma Mongar, Devi Mongar, and Rabina Tamang’s team from Richmond. Susmitra Magar Subedi and Dhan Magar sang various famous Nepali songs, while poet Aita Magar shared the unity of people and the value of culture through his poignant poems,” according to the organizer.

Artists from Harrisburg, PA, Charlottesville, and the Newari Dance group from Richmond, along with contributions from Ray of Hope and Magar Samaj, showcased their talents in Nepali and Hurra Dance, adding a diverse cultural dimension to the event.

Blue Dolphin President Preedip Gurung said, “The festivities included traditional Loshar rituals, such as prayers and blessings, creating a spiritually enriching atmosphere. Attendees enjoyed a variety of cultural displays, showcasing the artistic and culinary traditions of the Bhutanese and Nepali community.”

Bal Lungali, President of RVA Riders, shared about the organization’s goal of exploring open roads and embracing the joy of riding.

Singer Kanchi Maya Mongar said Loshar Saaj inspired a sense of community engagement and charitable giving.

The host of the show, Bidesh Thapa, said, “As the Bhutanese community and residents of Greater Richmond eagerly waited for Loshar Saaj, the event stood as a testament to the power of cultural celebration in bringing people together for a common cause.”