Discovering Bliss Within: Acharya Rajan Sharma’s ‘Key to Happiness’ 

Saurav Shrestha

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Almost four years after the publication of ‘Sukhasutra,’ a motivational book, Sydney-based Nepali author, motivational speaker, and yoga teacher Acharya Rajan Sharma has released the English version titled ‘Key to Happiness’ in 2022. This brought joy to both Nepali and English readers residing in Nepal and other countries, all in pursuit of a fulfilling life. The book is translated by Mahesh Paudyal.

In ‘Key to Happiness,’ Acharya Rajan delves into a variety of practical topics through 24 short articles that explore the philosophical and spiritual aspects of life, rooted in Eastern concepts. He intertwines these with quotes from Western thinkers and presents evidence to support his discussions. The primary message the author aims to convey through this book is that ‘it is 100 percent possible to find happiness within, and you can achieve that.’

In one of his essays, he poetically describes life as water, emphasizing the power to color it and shape it as one desires. He encourages readers to recognize their immense capacity to dream and turn those dreams into reality, advocating for a life led with commitment rather than mere wishes.

Several articles stand out, such as ‘Let’s Count Life by Smiles,’ ‘Life can thus become Festive,’ ‘Mug up these Tips – You will Never be Unhappy,’ ‘Colossal Hardship for Brief Pleasure,’ and ‘Hardship is a Boon, not a Curse.’

The article titled ‘Best Tips from the Srimad Bhagwad Gita for a Successful Life’ sheds light on Hindu scriptures and religious beliefs. This may pose a challenge for readers with diverse religious backgrounds, and some atheists may choose to overlook it. Nevertheless, the article highlights several prescribed methods to attain complete wisdom and happiness that are universal and acceptable, such as consistently embracing goodness and virtue, engaging in selfless service, action, and contribution, and making sacrifices by letting go of rage, obsession, greed, aversion, intoxication, and jealousy. Additionally, the importance of cultivating friendships and connecting with a god, teacher, guru, or wise and learned person is emphasized.

The book concludes with a brief yet powerful article, ‘Let’s Celebrate Every Breath,’ where Acharya Rajan advises readers to embrace death with the same acceptance as they welcomed their birth.

Beyond his literary contributions, Acharya Rajan, also known as Bhimsen Sapkota, has been actively involved in serving communities in various roles, from a spiritual leader and yoga teacher to an author. His other publications include ‘Yoga Philosophy and Ancient Healing,’ ‘Bhatkeyko Parkhal,’ ‘Prashnama Ishwar,’ and ‘Safaltako Shutra.’

Acharya Rajan serves as the Cultural Ambassador of Nepal-Republic of Fiji and the Peace Ambassador of the World Peace Council. He is the founder of the Global Society for Peace and Spiritual Science Inc (GSPSS), NSW, tirelessly working to establish the Pashupati Baudha Dham & Bishow Shanti Ashram in Lyndhurst, NSW—a place for Nepali temple, meditation, yoga, and Ayurvedic services. Best wishes to him for his dynamic efforts in bringing multicultural communities together through literature, spirituality, and yoga in Australia and around the world.

Book Title: Sukhasutra (English Translation: Key to Happiness)
: Acharya Rajan Sharma
Language: Nepali
Genre: Collection of articles
Publisher: Global Society for Peace and Spiritual Science Inc (GSPSS), Nepal
Published Year: 2018
Price: NRs 400.00
Pages: 140

English Version: Key to Happiness
: Yogi Acharya Rajan Sharma
Translator: Mahesh Po
Language: English
Genre: Collection of articles
Publisher:  BN Pustak Sansar Pvt. Ltd. Nepal
Published Year: 2022
Price: NRs 300.00
Pages: 148