Baral, Dhital of Kathford International College initiate project for empowering sustainable infrastructure

For Baral and Dhital, both aspiring civil engineers, this project isn't just about academic pursuits; it's a commitment to community development and empowerment. 

Biswash Bajgain

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Kathmandu: Two final-year students of Kathford International College of Engineering and Management, Gaurab Baral and Karuna Dhital, are leading an initiative aimed at empowering sustainable infrastructure. 

Titled “Empowering Sustainable Infrastructure: A Creative Journey in Civil Engineering,” this program delves into crucial aspects of project management and eco-friendly construction methods, they said. 

For Baral and Dhital, both aspiring civil engineers, this project isn’t just about academic pursuits; it’s a commitment to community development and empowerment. 

“Our goal is simple yet profound,” Baral says, “We want to equip individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to make a tangible difference in our society through civil engineering.” 

The program, now in its fourth week, covers a spectrum of key areas essential for effective project management in civil engineering. From personal budgeting for infrastructure projects to monitoring project expenses, participants are being armed with practical skills to navigate the complexities of real-world projects, they said. 

“Our commitment extends beyond the confines of our college,” says Dhital. “We envision a ripple effect, where the impact of this program transcends immediate participants and resonates throughout our community.” “We believe in the power of collaboration,” Baral said. “We invite individuals with an interest in civil engineering to join us on this journey. Together, we can learn, work, and grow, contributing meaningfully to the betterment of our society.” 

Baral and Dhital’s call to action is simple: they seek like-minded individuals who share their passion for civic duty and community service. “We’re not looking for accolades or recognition,” Dhital adds. “What drives us is the opportunity to give back, to make a positive impact on the lives of others. This program is a collective commitment to building a better future.”

Biswash Bajgain is the President of Nepal Student Union Kathford Engineering College.